Finishing Touches - The Value of Turn-Key Solutions

Finishing Touches - The Value of Turn-Key Solutions

Before embarking on a new build, most people wander through display homes marvelling at the aspirational lifestyle on offer. What many don’t realise is, that sumptuous swimming pool, pretty garden or spectacular entertaining deck, may not be included in the cost their builder is quoting.

When the final building works are completed, they can find themselves standing in front of a home which bears little resemblance to the one they pictured all those months before.

With this in mind, Wisdom (in their wisdom) decided to offer a complete Turn-Key solution, where everything – landscaping, water features, outdoor structures and internal minutiae which transform a house into a home, was offered as part of their Turn-Key build option.

In collaboration with our designers, you can create a tailored package to suit your lifestyle and budget. When complete, all you need to do is move in and begin enjoying your new home.

So what does this mean for you?


Save time

Stroll past many new home sites and you will be met with a quagmire of mud in winter or a desolate patch of uneven soil in summer, with the house sitting slap bang in the middle.

Transforming that uninspiring piece of earth into something which both complements and enhances your luxury new home will mean organising landscape designers and tradesmen after the fact. If you planned to install a swimming pool or other outdoor structures, there will be huge upheaval involved in uprooting earth to lay pipes and electrical cables.

If these extra building works have not been accounted for in the initial build you risk access restrictions and/or damage to the newly built home.


Save hassles

Apart from the physical stressors mentioned previously, there are numerous outside hassles to consider when weighing up a Turn-Key solution. These include council approval submissions, which can be time-consuming, costly, and a headache to control along with permits, ground testing and an exhaustive list of red tape.

These permits are not simply for larger building works such as swimming pools or standalone structures, they can also be required for something as simple as building a front fence. Height requirements for your neighbourhood and block position can be restrictive and navigating the simplest building works can prove stressful especially for those who are time-poor or locked into a budget.


Save money

By choosing a Turn-Key package at the outset of your build journey, there only need be a single loan application submitted to your lender for approval – saving you money from the outset. You will be working from a fixed price with no surprises, blowouts or exorbitant tradesman quotes.

Add to this the savings involved in incorporating all your plumbing and electrical work at the time of construction rather than attempting to retrofit these at a later date.



Imagine the ability to customise the design of your outdoor spaces to suit both your tastes and your family; to fashion a completely unique lifestyle. Perhaps you have always fancied a formal English garden, or alternatively, a resort-style paradise – a Turn-Key solution gives you that power!

By working with your individual needs and designing the perfect outdoor spaces for you and your family, Wisdom Homes can create more than just a sumptuous house. We can design and build a complete, seamless package which complements and flows from the stunning facade all the way through to the entertaining spaces and beyond.

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