10 Questions to Ask Your Builder

10 Questions to Ask Your Builder


Congratulations!  You have decided to build a home.  This journey will be one of the most thrilling and exciting periods of your life.  For many homebuyers, however, approaching a builder to bring dreams and visions of your new home to life, can be somewhat intimidating.

Many uninitiated buyers are nervous about asking too many questions or have difficulty navigating builder’s jargon.  At Wisdom Homes, we want you to get an exceptional, sophisticated home which exceeds your expectations.  We achieve this by fostering a transparent, collaborative relationship, with every client.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few questions those fortunate enough to be contemplating building a new home, should ask their builder. Armed with this information you will be on the road to ensuring your journey into home building is the rewarding, satisfying experience you deserve.


What are the standard inclusions?

When comparing builder’s display homes, ensure you are comparing apples with apples.  Most display homes will be fitted with high-end fittings, fixtures and finishes.

Your job will be to identify:

  • What are the standard inclusions contained within the base price
  • Which upgrades you feel you need or want

Ensure your builder has transparency regarding their costing and exactly what you will be getting for that money. At Wisdom Homes, many of our luxurious inclusions, which other builders call upgrades, we call standard.   


What is the process?

Knowing the process and timing can allow you to plan your move well in advance. Many buyers are unprepared for the lengthy delays caused by waiting for approvals from councils and financial institutions. 

This process can often be streamlined when working in collaboration with your builder.  Early decision making regarding finishes and upgrades will ensure that delays aren’t felt down the track.


What is the timing?

It is important to have an open line of communication with your builder.  Understanding how long each process takes can avoid stress and inevitable crossover timing issues.

Most Wisdom Homes take 12 months from inception to completion.  Our website outlines each step of our process.

Understanding the timing enables you to prepare and plan ahead for such things as:

  • Planning financial commitments and repayments 
  • Timing the sale of a previous home 
  • Organising interim accommodation 
  • Coordinating school transfers 
  • Redirecting mail 
  • Coordinating the logistics surrounding acquiring and moving furniture


How flexible are they?

The ability to tailor and customise to suit your needs, rather than stick to an inflexible design package, is vital.  At Wisdom Homes we appreciate that your family is unique, so your new home design needs to adapt to reflect that individuality.


Where do they build?

Many new home builders get a little ahead of themselves and you may find that your home is built before the local infrastructure is in place.  

Wisdom Homes understand what families value and all our house and land packages are located in areas with established amenities and infrastructure.


How long will it take?

The building process, from start to finish, is quite a long one.  Knowing ahead of time what to expect, avoids disappointment.


What qualifications do they have and testimonials from previous clients?

Your best window into how your builder performs is through former clients.  Ensure testimonials are available and read through them carefully.


What follow up assurances do you have after the home is built?

At Wisdom, we aren’t satisfied until you are.  We allow time for you to settle into your new home to iron out any kinks you aren’t happy with.  This handover period provides peace of mind, knowing that we are working to bring you perfection.


What about landscaping?

Many clients focus on the house build and can easily overlook the vital component of landscaping.  At Wisdom Homes, we can assist with organising landscaping and often have discounts and deals to enable you to display your magnificent new home in the perfect setting, faster.


What does the jargon mean?  

Ensure that you know exactly what your builder is referring to.

When navigating lingo, look out for terms such as:

  • Prime cost – is a term referring to an allowance which is put aside pending final selection of goods such as appliances, finishes etc. 
  • Variations – these are additional costs not included in the contract price.  It pays to finalise your wish list prior to signing the contracts to avoid this cost. 
  • Fixed price – this price will include a margin for error or a contingency amount for unforeseen events or circumstances.


Here at Wisdom Homes, we value transparency.  We understand that building a new home needs to be a collaborative process and we aspire to deliver the highest standard of product to every client, on every build.


So drop into one of our many inspirational Display Centres or give us a call to find out why Wisdom Homes is known as Sydney’s preeminent home builder for the discerning buyer.

Your new home journey starts here.