Why knock down and rebuild? 4 benefits you need to know

Why knock down and rebuild? 4 benefits you need to know

A knock down rebuild is a fantastic choice for achieving your dream home while staying in a location you already know and love. It offers you the ability to build your ideal home, add landscaping and outdoor leisure areas, and increase your home and land value.

But what exactly is a knock down rebuild? A knock down rebuild allows you to knock down your existing house and rebuild a new home on the same block with modern features that better suit your needs and lifestyle. So if you’ve outgrown your existing home and are questioning whether to relocate or stay put, here are 4 worthwhile reasons why a knock down rebuild could be the right choice for you.

1. Knock down rebuilds keep costs down - both now and in the future

A knock down rebuild is one of the most cost-effective methods of buying or building a new home. Renovating or buying an existing home can be complicated, time-consuming, and may require hidden cost in the future from wear and tear - structural changes, insulation issues and so much more. With a knock down rebuild, you’ll be building a new, modern home that meets all the latest building standards and energy ratings outlined by BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) and is built to last. So there won’t be much maintenance required from yourself or future buyers.

A knock down and rebuild can give you modern, eco-friendly fixtures, fittings, and technology, and a change of floor plan to better suit the block of land you already know so well. For instance, your new home design might include a new roof that helps you embrace solar technology, or window and door placements that provide maximum sun exposure in winter and good cross ventilation in summer. Modern insulation methods make your new home more comfortable all year round, and modern technologies allow you to cut the cost of rising electricity bills for sustainable living well into the future.

Our specialists at Wisdom Homes provide you with complete transparency on your knock down rebuild cost from the very beginning, so your dream home won’t surprise you with hidden expenses either. Read our latest guide for more information on how our specialists can help!


2. Stay in the location you love

A knock down rebuild lets you build your dream home without needing to move away from your local community. When considering if a knock down and rebuild process is for you, ask yourself:

Does my area have great schools for the kids? Maybe they already attend their local school and have a cherished group of friends.
Do I live a reasonable distance from work, or are there plenty of work opportunities in my area?
Are my neighbours friendly and will I miss them if I move away?
Do I enjoy being a member of my local community?

If your answer is a joyful ‘yes’ to these questions, then a knockdown rebuild will allow you to update your home and lifestyle without needing to say goodbye to the memories you’ve made and the unique community you’ve grown to love.

3. Design and build your dream home

With a knock down rebuild, you can finally say goodbye to your existing home’s lack of storage, tiny bedrooms, and inhospitable kitchen.

It may have been a while since you purchased your existing home and, since then, your lifestyle has likely changed. A knock down rebuild updates your home design to fit your lifestyle by giving you the opportunity to:

  • Change your layout and floor plans
  • Include larger or extra bedrooms for a growing family
  • Improve the configuration and functionality of your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Add additional storage where you need it most (a butler’s pantry is excellent for lots of extra kitchen storage and food preparation space)
  • Improve finishes and fixtures
  • Create a fresh new facade for a superior street presence
  • Include the latest, eco-friendly technology to cut electricity and water bills
  • Future-proof your home
  • Refresh your landscape and add more space for leisure and lifestyle (such as a pool).
  • Choose a builder that offers a turnkey solution so you can move back in with no more work - indoors or outdoors - required! As a turnkey builder, we can build your home, pool and landscaping.

Finding an existing home that matches your dream home’s features is nearly impossible, and achieving everything you want in a home through renovating is typically costly and stressful. With a knock down rebuild, all your needs and wants are planned from the beginning, giving you the ability to design and build the home you’ve always wished for.


4. Add value to your home and your land

If your current home is in a sought-after location with high land value and low availability, building a modern home design on your existing block could dramatically increase your profit if you sell. Newly built homes are less of a financial commitment for future buyers (they don’t have to worry about hidden damages and additional costs), incorporate the latest building standards, and use eco-friendly technology that fulfils BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) requirements set by the NSW Government to regulate energy efficiency. Lastly, they may be more aesthetically pleasing, incorporating the latest trends in fixtures & fittings such as tapware or tiling choices, colour schemes and design features.

Modern home designs also have greater rental security and higher return than older homes, allowing you to turn your knock down and rebuild into a secure and profitable investment.

Ready to start your knock down rebuild?

Why move when you can improve? At Wisdom Homes, our knock down and rebuild process takes loving where you live to new heights. If you’re ready to fall in love with where you live all over again, contact us today to speak with our experienced, friendly new home consultants.

For more information on knock down rebuilds including our knock down rebuilt guide and common questions, read our latest guide! Get started and complete our build an estimate tool.

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