How important home storage space is in the home.

Home storage. How important home storage space is in the home.

One of the main requests we have received from our customers this year, is the lack of storage solutions in their current homes and the increasingly dire need for a larger home with more space and specifically, more secret space to store the items they have accumulated but don’t want on show.

It is a growing trend we are noting in the modern homebuying market, that when it comes to family homes in particular, but all homes as a general rule, storage is a key consideration and requirement that needs to be met in functional and stylish formats.

At Wisdom Homes, we have taken this feedback on board as is clearly evident throughout our home designs and floorplan features.

With an open plan kitchen, living, and dining a popular layout option, it is more important than ever to ensure there is a space for everything… and more to the point, a space to put everything away when it is not being used.
With plentiful cupboards, draws, and pantry space available, you will surely be satisfied that your storage requirements are being met in this area.

Moving to a new feature in some of our double story homes is the walk-in linen cupboards our clients are raving about.
As families grow, so too does the amount of bedding, towels and essentials that they need, which is no doubt why this feature has been such a popular addition.

With more space to store these items and the added bonus of easy access and movement within the space, the walk-in linen cupboard is certainly gaining an increase in momentum and popularity!

Another useful feature to many of our floorplans, is our under-stair cupboards – perfect for suitcases, vacuum cleaners, Christmas Tree decorations amongst all sorts of other household items.
The under-stair cupboard is a perfect example of the extra thinking and care our team of highly skilled architects here at Wisdom Homes put into their work for each and every floorplan. A small addition that makes a huge difference to the way our customers live in and enjoy their new homes.

These are just a few of the storage and space saving features Wisdom Homes pride ourselves in.
For more information on our floorplans or even just a general starter chat on what it is you’re looking for in a home, our friendly team at Wisdom Homes is always happy to help and share advice where we can.

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