Wisdom Homes, Creating Your Forever Home

Wisdom Homes, Creating Your Forever Home

Forever Home. Two of my favourite words. They instil feelings of security and love and a future that is bright.

Such enchanting thoughts and sentiment, but how do we turn these dreams and desires into a reality that works for us, our families and a place that we can live in ‘forever’.

Especially when we note that Forever is a considerably long time, it is therefore so important that when you start planning your home, you think long and hard about how your needs are likely to change over the next…forever.

Do you have children? Are you planning to have more? What will happen to their bedrooms and living areas when they move out? Will you host guests and possibly grandchildren? Can you design your home in a way where bedrooms can become guest rooms or a home office as your needs and life phases change.

Forward planning is an essential part of the process when designing any home, and even more so when you classify this home as the one in which you will put down roots, raise your family and live your life.

With this longevity in mind, when it comes to choosing the builder, the fittings and fixtures and even the appliances that you want within your forever home, some worthy advice to take on board (and do with it what you will) is that using a trusted brand that has been around for an extended period of time and has positive and plentiful reviews, will likely save you time, money and frustrations down the track. Long standing and reputable brands will likely have warranties and assurances on quality – which will give you peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong at some point in the future, you are covered and won’t find yourself out of pocket or with sub-par inclusions to your home.


On the topic of Fittings and Fixtures, it is definitely worth taking your time and doing some research to ensure you choose long lasting options now so that you are not finding yourself needing to replace them in a few years. Very quickly you will realise that there are an abundance of designs, styles and options available in all types of fittings and fixtures. Given this is a home you are looking to live in for 30+ years, choosing the right ones that will be easy and functional to use now and well into the future is a good approach to take. Something like a combined hot and cold paddle tap is easier to use and more timeless than round, singular tap and will age with your home and you. Similarly, push close cabinetry to the kitchen is both functional and attractive. Little decisions such as these can have a large impact on the overall finish of your home. 

Another important consideration when designing this home, for want of a better term, is the Timeless Design factor. While various trends will come and go and certainly be all the rage for periods of time, it is a risky move to base your home inclusions around a fad that is unlikely to see you through to the next decade.

Opting for a timeless, classic look and feel will ensure that your home always presents beautifully and will also save you the price tag associated with having to remodel or redecorate in years to come.

With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you are well armed to commence your journey towards your forever home. And don’t forget, if you have any questions or need additional advice, our friendly team at Wisdom Homes are always here for a chat and to help where we can!

Your new home journey starts here.