How Much Does it Cost to Knock Down Rebuild a House?

Whenever you’re looking to update or upgrade your home, we know that cost is one of the first factors you’ll be considering. We also know how hard it can be to leave your current home when the location is perfect - which is where our team at Wisdom Homes come in. 

There isn’t a cut and dry answer with the total cost when you’re looking at a knockdown rebuild but we can clarify the kinds of things that will influence the overall price. When thinking about how much does it cost to knock down a house, there’s a lot to consider!

That’s why the cost to knock down a house is something we can only answer on a case by case basis. 

At Wisdom Homes, we have a list of suburbs that fall within our inclusive building zone. These include Sydney Metro, Outer Sydney and North Sydney. We can also operate throughout the Northern Beaches and North West Sydney all the way down to South West and South Sydney. If you’re outside of our usual areas, there may be some extra costs to consider. 

With so much to factor in as a part of the process, our team will come and visit your property as a one of the first steps to check for both eligibility and give you an accurate cost estimate. Read on to discover all the different factors that impact knockdown rebuild cost. 


What do you need to consider when knocking down and rebuilding a house?

When you’re weighing up your options between renovating, moving and knocking down and building, there’s a number of things to consider. Everything from the kind of home you’re currently living, how old that home is and the size and type of land you’re on are all important factors. 

How old is your home? While older homes can have character, they’re often not built to the standards that newer homes are built to. If you’re aiming to create a space that’s more modern, has all the safety features you need and is better insulated, a knockdown rebuild might be just right for you. 

Access is another consideration - so if you live on a sloping property, challenging access for demolition machines to get in will be a part of your overall cost too. When we’re working, we also factor the seemingly small things like the type and quality of soil your property is built on as some are easier to work with than others. 

Next thing to consider is the timeframe. Do you want it to be turned around within the next 6 months or are you happy to take a little longer? When you knock down and rebuild, the plans can be created pretty rapidly and when you’re able to plan each part of your home out in advance, things come together very quickly. Oftentimes, renovating can show up structural issues like damaged cabling, rotted beams or wear and tear. You can avoid dealing with those issues when you’re building from scratch. 


Is knock down rebuild worth it? 

At Wisdom Homes, we understand how much of a commitment you’re making when you decide to knock down and rebuild your home. There’s a number of benefits with rebuilding that you’ll enjoy by going through this process and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. 

  • Create the home you want
    This is one of the biggest things our customers love about the knock down and rebuild process. When you’re out looking at homes, you often have a long list of things you’d like to have in your home. Whether that’s a certain layout, split level or the number of garage spots, finding a home that ticks every box is a huge challenge. When you demolish a house and rebuild it from scratch, it gives you the chance to create your dream home, right down to the smallest detail. You’ll be working with our dedicated team who can help create a custom design including the way your garden is landscaped and whether you want a pool. We have a huge range of homes you can explore in our display villages. If you can’t make it in person, you can also explore them all online with a virtual tour. 
  • Keep your address
    Whether you’re starting a new family, you’re a new empty nester looking to create your perfect home or just want to go from a single storey home to a double storey, we understand how important living at the right address can be. When you demolish your old home and create a new one, you can keep that address and continue to enjoy the neighbourhood you know and love without having to sacrifice the vision you have for your dream home. 
  • Reduce the cost over renovating or moving
    There are a lot of costs involved with moving home, not to mention a lot of extra stress. From the time and money involved in packing and moving to the extra costs of agency fees and stamp duty, picking up and moving comes at a high price. Knocking down your current home to build can reduce the price and deliver you the home you truly want. We can offer a fixed price down to the last square metre. 
  • Streamlined process with experienced professionals
    When you renovate on your own, you’ll have a lot of different factors to consider. From getting council approval, dealing with a multitude of different builders, plumbers and electricians, there’s a lot you need to stay on top of. You’ll also run into potential surprises when it comes to working on an existing home that may have unexpected structural issues. Removing the variables and getting guidance and support from our award-winning team removes all of that. You can get the whole job done in one go rather than piece by piece with most renovation projects. 
  • Increase (or decrease) your outdoor area
    You may currently be living in a home that’s just a little too large for you with a limited amount of outdoor space. Alternatively, you may find you have a whole lot of garden area that’s going underutilised and want to increase the number of bedrooms in your home instead. Make the most of the lot you’re living on by getting the right sized home just for you. If you’re stuck on how to landscape or the best layout for your property, we can help with that too. 
  • Make things more affordable in the long term
    When you build from scratch, you can create a home that has all the latest updates that’ll save you money while you’re living there. You can do this with basics as simple as using better insulation to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Or, you can add in newer technology like solar panels that’ll power your home more efficiently so you can operate off the grid. 


Is it cheaper to tear down a house and rebuild? 

While each rebuild will vary on costs due to a number of factors, you’re still going to be looking at a lower cost than if you went down the renovation path instead. Here’s why: 

  • Avoid hidden costs
    When looking at costs, it isn’t just the financial side that matters. When you’re looking to renovate, you’ll often do it piece by piece which takes longer and adds more stress - as well as costing you more money. You’ll also be operating with independent contractors rather than one singular team. When you plan on a knock down rebuild instead, we’re a part of the building community and have the industry connections that make things more cost effective. In turn, we can pass that onto you making for a cheaper and more efficient rebuild.

  • Renovations often uncover hidden problems
    When you’re picking apart a piece of an old home to add on an extension or update the interior layout, things like old wiring or compromised timber often crop up. This adds to the cost and also adds more time to your expected completion date. When you’re starting from scratch, you’ll be using new materials and installing modern electrics which not only makes for a safer home, but also a more affordable build. When you rebuild, you can anticipate all the costs before you’ve even got the foundations in.

  • Land is always going to be a factor
    If you’re on a sloped property or have difficult access, those factors will have an impact on your total cost no matter whether you’re rebuilding or renovating. They’re a part of what makes your property unique but again can be anticipated before the knockdown process even begins and you’ll have a clear idea of what the cost will be. 


Choosing the right knock down rebuild builder 

At Wisdom Homes, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the rebuild market. From getting a loan, to council approval and to the very final touches, our team have seen and done it all before. 

You want to be confident in the team you’re working with and our dedicated builders, plumbers, landscapers and electricians are the best in the market for the job. Because Wisdom Homes has an ongoing relationship with such a wide variety of trades, we can pass that value onto you. We can also customise floor plans from our huge range of homes so that you can create something that fits your needs exactly. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and explore your options, book in with us for a consultation. We’ll consider all your unique circumstances - including whether you’re knocking down and rebuilding or starting with an empty lot, where you are and what you want to build. 

Aside from creating the home of your dreams, you can also talk to us about any ideas or needs you have for landscaping or your dream pool to make the most of your land. No matter whether you’re a first home buyer wanting a home that you can live in long term, or are downsizing on your much loved street - we’ll create a plan just for you. 

Your new home journey starts here.