FAQs Homeowners Have When Building a House for the First Time

Building a new home can be a daunting idea for some, with homeowners posing a lot of questions about the process and the unknowns. Yet, building a home is advantageous when compared to buying an established home in the long run. Wisdom Homes answers homeowners’ FAQs to help you.

Is Building Better Than Buying?

One of the drawbacks of buying an established home is that the chances of it being your dream home, exactly what you want are slim. Renovations can be costly, time-consuming and you can incur unforeseen issues along the way, Plus, you need to factor in the cost of maintaining an existing home – a newly built home, on the other hand, comes with brand new appliances, materials and builder’s warranties, saving you from repair and replacement in the long run.

How Long Will It Take?

After you’ve sent a new home design enquiry to your sales consultant, you move on to the drafting phase. This is where our expert team help design a custom home that suits your style and needs. Assisting you with the selection of your colours, fittings and fixtures, this can take several months depending on how much pre-planning and design homework you have done.

After the drafting phase, your sales representative will confirm your contract pricing, making your home a reality.

If there aren’t any major delays during your project, such as financial emergencies or extreme weather conditions, a 7-8 month project is realistic.

For Space: Building a double storey home?

Having enough space in your home is important. Building a double storey home is ideal when you have a limited land area to build on.

Wisdom Homes offer design homes in Sydney so you can start living in your dream home today. We can guide you through the creative and construction process. We also offer standard home designs with variety of quality inclusions and upgrades to suit needs. Schedule a consultation with our friendly team today to get started. Visit a Wisdom Homes display centre near you to view some of our houses.

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