Construction Considerations - How You Can Build The Right Home for You


Taking the first steps towards building your own home opens up a world of possibilities.  After all, a primary incentive for many house-building couples and families is to finally get a home which has been adapted to suit their lifestyle–not the other way around.

In our experience, it is not unusual for buyers to have put more time into selecting the colour of their walls, or the type of facade they prefer, rather than spending time considering far more pressing issues, such as a viable floor plan.

Wisdom Homes offer a range of flexible designs and floor plans with exquisite finishes and fixtures. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the beauty of our homes, but identifying your specific requirements will certainly bring lasting rewards.  Early planning will ensure your home is designed to work for you, not only in the present but for many years to come.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few areas where forethought is crucial to implementing a successful and workable house design which is perfect for YOU.


Single or Double

The question of whether to build a single or double storey home often polarises people.

There are a number of cases to be made either way, including:

  • Land size – for smaller blocks a double storey house may be more feasible to get the floor space you require
  • Age – mature people find that stairs become something of a liability as they get older and parents of babies may find them a dangerous temptation
  • Wow factor – there is no denying a double storey home is often more imposing and may attract a higher resale price
  • Zoning – a second storey can make a stronger distinction between the living and sleeping areas a provide a noise buffer.


Floor Plan

It is not always easy to envisage a home simply by looking at drawings of its floor plan.  Room sizes, ceiling height and the flow from room to room can be difficult to visualise.

This is where our consultants can provide you with the tools that will enable you to picture what your new home will look like and the functionality of its floor plan.

Consideration also needs to be given to views from balconies and master bedrooms and positioning the house on your block.


Adapting to the fluid family

Families are constantly changing.  New babies arrive, older children move out – whichever stage of life your family is at now, consider it in the long term.  

For example:

  • Do you expect elderly relatives be residing with you for any period of time?
  • Is your family growing or shrinking?
  • How important is bathroom access to each family member?
  • Will navigating stairs be an issue in the future?
  • What type of flooring suits your family’s needs?  Hard wearing? Soft underfoot? Non-slip?
  • What are your storage requirements for things such as bicycles, household items and tools?

Questions such as these need to be addressed in the early phase of planning as they can dictate a large portion of your design needs.


Land size

Those who spend little time in the garden may visit a display home and be tempted by the natural beauty of the landscaped gardens.  However, thought needs to be given to the time commitment required by a garden’s upkeep.

Conversely, those with pets and active children would do well to invest in a well-designed backyard which incorporates adult entertaining zones, child-friendly play areas, or securely partitioned spaces for pets.


At Wisdom Homes, we are committed to building homes which cater to each family’s lifestyle and comfort.  Working in collaboration with you, we can build the perfect residence which will adapt and grow with you.


Visit a display home today to find out why Wisdom Homes are the wise choice in home builders.

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