25 Year Structural Guarantee


25 Year Structural Guarantee


As a recognised leader of quality built homes in Sydney, we are proud to offer a 25 Year Structural Guarantee on your home. This 25 Year Structural Guarantee is a special warranty that applies to homes under contract, which have signed after 1st January 2018, and demonstrates our commitment to giving you peace of mind, knowing that you have made the right decision in choosing a WISDOM home.

This warranty will protect your home from structural defects for 25 years after the date of your Practical Completion inspection. It covers the foundation systems, concrete or strip footings, load-bearing brickwork, structural timbers and steel in-wall, or roof framing.

NOTE: This special 25 Year Structural Guarantee is offered to customers of WISDOM Properties Group on all contracts signed after 1 January 2018 and is not transferable to future owners of the property.

Peace of Mind

Terms and Conditions Exclusions

Peace of mind


Defects caused by neglect or failure on your part to properly maintain your home or by the misuse of your home after the Practical Completion inspection of your home has occurred will not be covered under this special warranty.

In addition to other maintenance precautions, you should have regard to the CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance on how to care for your new home after completion. Failure to properly maintain the fittings or fixtures on your land including; drains, pipes, pits, plumbing works, electrical wiring and appliances would not be covered by this warranty.


Defects or damage caused by natural forces or events, including; weather, storm, fire, rain, flood, earthquake, and wind are not covered under this warranty. These forces or events can cause damage to roofs, windows, and other parts of the house. You should consider building insurance for your home. In the event of such damage, you should contact your insurance company so that repairs and any rectification work can be put into effect as soon as possible.


Defects and damage to footing systems or slab due to abnormal conditions (other than seasonal changes), such as the effect of tree roots or plant growth effecting any structural part of the house, poor surface drainage of the land and/or leaking plumbing in or about the house will not be covered under the special warranty. For information about how to prevent that type of defect or damage you can refer to the CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance.


Depending on the prevailing climatic conditions, it will take up to 12 months for your new home to settle into its new environment.  Generally, this settlement will become evident as minor cracking to the inflexible internal junctions of walls and the intersection of cornices to both walls and ceilings.

In a new home, movement due to shrinking may evidence itself in minor cracking. For this reason hairline or minor cracks to the inflexible internal junctions of walls and the intersection of cornices to both walls and ceilings and surface crack in slabs and concrete surfaces are not covered by this warranty agreement


Termite control is provided during the construction of your home, in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard AS 3660.1. Information regarding Termite Protection is given to you during the New Home Proposal stage.

Once you take ownership of your new home, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home is inspected and treated each year for termites. Your Termite Protection Guarantee may become void if you do not have a licensed inspector attend your home at twelve month intervals.

Any defect or damage caused by termites occurring in structural timber components of the home will not be covered by this special warranty if these regular annual inspections are not carried out. Please refer to the Termite Inspection warranty given to you at Practical Completion for more information.


Without limiting the range of matters excluded under this special structural warranty, any marks or scratches on or defect in any cupboard doors, basins, baths, showers, bench-tops, vanities, carpets and other floor coverings, wall tiles, furniture, fittings, drapes, curtains, blinds, televisions, computer and all electric switches, machines and appliances, painted and finished surfaces, goods and moveable chattels are specifically not covered under this special warranty.

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