How much will my new home cost?

It is not possible to give an accurate estimation of the cost of a new house without proper consideration of the land, design, location and other optional features you may choose. For this reason, Wisdom Home has an extensive tendering process that is set up to give you a fixed price* estimate to avoid nasty surprises later on.

It is important that you carefully consider all of your preferred features during this initial tendering stage, as any changes to your home after you have signed your contract will incur a charge and delay the build.

* Subject to the terms and conditions set out in your tender agreement.

Where does Wisdom Homes build?

We have strictly limited our building locations to ensure each Wisdom Home receives a high level of supervision and is built on time to display home standards. Find out where we are currently building.

How long will it take to build my home?

Most Wisdom Homes take 12 months from start to finish. The first six months is spent choosing the design, undertaking site assessments, negotiating the contract, arranging approvals and preparing the site, and the final six months is spent constructing and finishing your home. For a detailed timeframe on pre-construction, refer to What steps are required before construction can start?

This estimated timeframe is a guide only and there are many factors that can delay a project and, unfortunately, some of these factors are beyond our control. Most of the delays are experienced due to variations requested by the client after they have signed their contract, delays in obtaining authority to proceed from the bank or council, or other site preparation delays, typically the result of demolition work or the need to engage hydraulic engineers.

Wisdom Homes understands these delays can be very frustrating and we work hard to minimise the impact of such delays as best we can. You can help ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible by choosing a standard design, minimising the number of changes required and providing information as quickly as possible.

What steps are required before construction can start?

Stage 1: Initial Deposit Stage (Approx. 4 weeks)

Client pays non-refundable $1000 ($1500 for knock down rebuild) initial deposit to secure current pricing and promotion (if applicable)

Client advises house type, facade and additional cost items they would like included in the tender
Wisdom Homes arranges a soil test, contour survey, and site inspection report on the nominated block of land (reports remain property of WPG)

Wisdom Homes prepares a Tender for the construction of your new home

Client to provide as early as possible at this stage:

  • Clear copy of Linen Plan with DP number or Sales Plan of the land
  • Current 149 Certificate and 88b Certificate (if applicable)
  • Clients “Wish List” for items to be included in the tender
  • Proposed House Siting (house positioned on the land sketch at scale 1:200)
Stage 2: Tender Acceptance Stage (Approx. 4-6 weeks)

Wisdom Homes arrange an appointment with client to formally present the Tender at Narellan Head Office

Wisdom Homes presents Tender Document and explains all items and costs associated with the building

Client accepts Tender and pays an additional $5,000. (This amount comes off your contract price and forms part of your initial 5% deposit)

Wisdom Homes gives Colour Pack to client including Sample HIA building agreement for perusal

Wisdom Homes proceeds to order the Working Drawings from our Architect as per the tender acceptance

Preliminary house plans are received and forwarded / presented to you for review and comment.

Please note: One set of minor design amendments are permitted (if necessary). Additional client revisions to the plans will incur design amendments fees. No structural variations are permitted once the contracts have been signed and non structural variations will only be processed at Development Approval Stage and prior to Site Start Stage

Client to provide as early as possible at this stage:

  • Evidence of funds or pre-approval from lender, preferably based on the contract amount or maximum available from lender.
  • Proof of Ownership of Land eg. copy of title, letter from solicitor, rates notice etc.
Stage 3: Contract Signing / Council / Certifier Approval (Approx. 10-20 weeks subject to Developer/Council approval timeframes)

Wisdom Homes prepares the Home Building Agreement and arranges an appointment with the client to sign.

Client Signs Home Building Agreement and pays balance of 5% deposit (5% of contract price less $6,000 already paid)

Wisdom Homes arranges a BASIX Assessment to ensure the home complies with the required targets for Water and Energy (minor changes may be required if the home doesn’t meet the required targets)

Client selects both Internal and External Colours for the home with the Wisdom Homes Colour Consultant / Interior Designer
Client attends external supplier consultations such as Flooring, Electrical, Kitchen etc.
Client Supplies Wisdom Homes with a Landscaping Plan for Developer approval (if applicable)

Wisdom Homes lodge the building plans to Developer for approval (if applicable)

Wisdom Homes Orders the Engineering and Slab Plans for the construction of the home

Wisdom Homes lodge the building plans to Council or Private Certifier and Waterboard for approval

Once plans approved and received back any conditions are checked and final drawings are ordered

Client supplies unconditional loan approval & Letter of Authority to Commence Construction (LACC)

Wisdom Homes prepares a construction file and places orders with our Tradespeople and Suppliers

We don’t permit structural changes after the contract is signed.

Start Construction of your Brand New Wisdom Home

Can I make changes after I have signed the contract?

Once you have signed your contract, you are allowed one set of minor design amendments at no extra charge. However, these changes must be non-structural and made prior to the Site Start Stage. Any further changes will incur design amendment fees and are likely to cause delays in the project.

Due to the cost and delays involved in contract variations, we strongly recommend you carefully consider your requirements at the very start of the project to identify any changes to the standard design as soon as possible.

The fewer changes you make to the standard design, the more likely your home is to be built on time and within budget!

What happens if I need repairs or modifications after my house is built?

Every Wisdom Home comes with a 13 week defects liability period after construction. This means, after 13 weeks, you will be asked to create a list of the repairs or maintenance required and we will arrange for the modifications to be made as soon as possible. We aim to have all tradespeople completing the work in your home at the same time to minimise any disruption.

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